About Me

Doing what I do best ….

My name is Chris and thought I would share a little bit about me. I live with my wife, son, dog, cat and a couple of fish. My business has taken over our lives somewhat and my family are all very supportive of what I do and assist wherever possible, my business truly is family run.

I have had a passion for music most of my life and in previous employment was heavily involved with weddings which I loved. It seemed a logical step to combine the 2, hence how I became a Wedding DJ.

My passion for music came from a very early age and I have always enjoyed a variety of types of music. My main passion is Rock music, with my favourite band being ACDC, but don’t worry your wedding does not have to be rock music related.

With my assistant (son)

I was involved with weddings greatly when working in the hospitality trade over in the Lake District which is a gorgeous part of the country. Whilst working in hotels I became involved with the (almost weekly) weddings that were held and this also saw my first introduction into 18+ hour working days. Quite long days but very satisfying.

When my son was born I changed careers into retail, admittedly mainly for some more sensible working hours, but this was short lived as only 2 months into my new career I found employment in a local hotel, part time, again helping out with weddings.

Roll on a few years and the twitch to become more involved with weddings never went away, hence over time I developed my DJ business and after much training, learning and development branched out as a Full Time Wedding DJ. In the course of my career I have been an active member of the National Association of DJs (NADJ) even setting up a local branch for DJs to meet, learn and network.

A bit of Fun to start the evening

I class myself as a wedding DJ as apart from Xmas Party Nights I only DJ at weddings. I do also have another tier to my business running Race Nights for fundraising and corporate events, which gives me the reassurance of being able to carry on working as a Full Time Entertainer.

Going forward I am continually learning how to improve and better what I do as well as learn about new ideas and upcoming trends. I like to think I am well known throughout not only the DJ industry, but also the wedding industry as a whole and have made many friends through my chosen career.