Doxford Hall – Chathill, Northumberland

Doxford Hall Hotel and Spa is a fairly new wedding venue, but nevertheless a magnificent place to hold your wedding celebration. The hotel is very bright and airy with most parts just been refurbished in the past few years. A sumptuous swimming pool and spa is also available to soak away the stress of the day, or relax and reflect.

The room used for weddings provides a lovely self contained area of the hotel so you can enjoy your day in privacy from other guests. Most people choose to hold the whole day, ceremony, meal and evening celebrations at the hotel and it is another venue I visit fairly often providing all-day services.

The room as mentioned looks lovely but is totally transformed by using coloured uplighting, with colours chosen by you to match with your theme.

I am never negative, but quite a few DJ’s comment on how challenging the hotel is as far as access is concerned and indeed if you have never visited the hotel a DJ may get caught out. I have been to Doxford Hall many times and adjust equipment used to suit the access and in fact personally I find the access very easy – always worth checking with your suppliers though.