Other Services

Other Services, because I am more than just an Evening Wedding DJ


One of the most cost effective ways to bring that ultimate wow factor to your venue. You have yo
ur choice of colour, mix of colours or even use to highlight certain features.

Twinkling Starcloth

Top of the range twinkling Starcloth with matching top table, cake table and present table skirts. Using fibre optics to provide an excellent backdrop for photographs or to simply give your that air of elegance.

Photo Projection

A very versatile service. Excellent to fill in any gaps in your day, share photos of when you met or got engaged etc. Really popular for couples who marry abroad then have a party back home so they can share their wedding photographs.

Wedding Postbox


It is what it is, a fantastic Victorian postbox which is lockable and ideal for collecting all your cards from guests.

Lovely Ivory Aisle Carpet

Aisle Carpet

An alternative to the usual Red Carpet, my Ivory Wedding Aisle Carpet is much more inkeeping with most ceremony rooms and looks spectacular when used in conjunction with my Twinkling Starcloth



Not my most popular service I will admit, but appreciated by some who enjoy a little bit of singing. Also really good for filling in any gaps throughout your day or when the venue staff are changing the main room around

Fun Wedding Entertainment
Wedding Race Night

Race Night

Again, something that is great if you would like something different. Can be used anytime of the day and is great for those who like a little flutter


Wedding Quiz


Not your usual quiz, but a quiz where guests use their mobile phone or tablet to answer questions. I can bespoke the quiz so it is based around you, your family or your guests.

This is just a sample of the other wedding services I can provide. If there is anything you are looking for that is not listed, let me know. If I can’t provide it, chances are I will know somebody who can.