• Alnwick Gardens – Anna & Chris

    Saturday brought me back to Alnwick Gardens in Northumberland where Anna and Chris were holding their wedding reception in the stunning Pavilion and had booked myself for my Wedding DJ and Disco services as well as my Moodlighting which always looks stunning in the Pavilion.

    I love when I supply my DJ and Disco services in Alnwick Gardens and is a venue I would like to visit more often. The staff are great, the room is always finely dressed and the view (and gardens) are just stunning – where else can you get married with a lit up cascade waterfall as your backdrop?

    We arrived as the speeches were taking place and moved all the equipment to just outside the room ready to unload. Listening to the speeches we could tell everyone was having a fantastic day.

    I took Kieran with me as he wasn’t working that night and also because we were uplighting the whole Pavilion too. When it was time to set up, the wedding had over ran (nothing new there) but within half an hour we had the Pavilion uplit and Disco ready to go, bringing the times back on track. We uplit the Pavilion with blue moodlighting to give the room a wintery feel and to compliment the decorations already in place.

    Anna looked absolutely stunning, and Chris brushed up well too I must add, but the main thing for me is they were both an absolute pleasure and you could tell everyone in the room was made to feel comfortable and welcome.

    The early part of the evening saw more guests arrive, who were greeted by Chris and Anna, as well as a few dancers and plenty of foot tapping and singing in the seats.

    Anna wasn’t sure about which first dance song she would like so had 2 picked to choose from. She said to me ‘Sagi Rei – I’ll fly with you, L’Amour Toujours’ was the song she would really like as it is her favourite song but was unsure if people would know it. I simply said ‘if it is your favourite song, it is a lovely song, just go for it’ which she agreed too.

    Although Anna had asked for just the 2 of them to dance throughout the song, after a couple of minutes I could tell they were running out of dance moves, so quickly filled the dancefloor with guests to help them out – a little trick I do helps with this.

    From then on the dancefloor was never empty. We overheard Chris joking to his friends that ‘the bride has obviously got her choice of songs’ – yes Chris, we hear everything lol – which was true as likes of The Vengaboys, Aqua and Take That were played. Chris sprang into action when his favourite song ‘Avicci – Wake Me Up’ was played though and everyone enjoyed the mainly 90’s music throughout the night, with a lot of club classics thrown in.

    Onto the last dance and Take That – Never Forget was chosen, obviously a choice made by Anna I think. Every single person joined in for a raucous finale and although not the way I usually do a Wedding Circle, the styles of dancing earlier prompted something a little bit different. The end of the night is something I think should be one of the highlights of a wedding and observing people throughout the night helps me decide on how to finish – I don’t like to over plan as nobody can tell what will happen during the night.


    Anna and Chris were really hospitable and was great to receive thanks from the guests too. What also leaves me even more self-satisfied is when the staff say it was the best disco they have heard and thank me too for the music – even though they are working. I am be back in Alnwick Gardens soon though, and hopefully they will enjoy the music again.

    I would like to wish Anna and Chris (the new Mr and Mrs Smith), their friends and family all the best for the future as every one of them were a pleasure to be with.

    “Everyone, and I mean everyone commented to say how good the music was. Even the staff!!! “