• The Ryanair Effect

    The Ryanair Effect

    I watched with interest last night a really good documentary about Ryanair – I am sure everyone has heard of them and know they are a low cost budget airline.

    When watching I couldn’t help but notice comparisons between how they, and other airlines, operate and how similar comparisons can be made with the DJ and Wedding Industry.

    The documentary highlighted how Ryanair is not concerned about customer service or standards, all they aim for is to be the cheapest. So long as they are the cheapest they were happy and the concerns of customers and staff were of little importance.

    A comparison was made where 2 sets of people were given a destination and one flew with Ryanair, the other with another airline – Easyjet.

    At first the price they got from Ryanair was a LOT cheaper than Easyjet, however once they ordered additional extras (including a seat on the plane, luggage etc) the price was very similar, although Ryanair still came in slightly cheaper. To jump to the conclusion, once they had arrived at the destination, both sets of customers agreed that booking the slightly more expensive airline was definitely worth the money for the convenience and customer service they received.

    Staffing was also covered and remarkably the pilots (who let’s face it are the hub of any airline) were held in poor disregard by Ryanair to the point of even going on strike due to pay and working conditions. I don’t think I have heard of another airline having pilots going out on strike.

    So how does this compare to booking a DJ ?

    Well, firstly, when you book a DJ you will no doubt get many quotes which will vary in price. Booking the cheapest may not necessarily be the best option for your Wedding. Be careful to check out exactly what you receive – we see many photos from DJs showing a fantastic setup with many optional extras added, which are not included with the quotes they send.

    Also, your wedding is undoubtedly one of the biggest days of your life so you will expect a really high standard of service. Do check that whoever you book is right for you and will allow you to receive the Disco you are looking for, not what they want to provide to meet their low quote.

    Like with booking an airline, sometimes spending a few extra £££ can be worthwhile, we all have budgets but quite often when you add on all the additional extras, together with receiving a sub-standard service, those few extra £££ are well worth paying.

    The staffing also raised my attention. To us, our DJs are the hub of our business and without them we would be nowhere near as successful as we are. In return we always treat our DJs with respect and do pay them well in return for their hard work. We also have a number of ‘backup DJs’ who would love to work for us and can be called upon should an emergency or illness arise ensuring you always receive the highest standards.

    It probably comes as no great surprise that Ryanair have announced profit warnings and the longevity of the business is in question, however the companies offering higher standards are flourishing – although admittedly this is not always the case.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes the low cost budget offer may be more suited for your needs. If I was going away for a few days break I may use Ryanair – no frills but they (hopefully) will get me there. Booking our annual holiday is a different matter though and I always pay that little extra to be assured of a fantastic experience. Bit like with a disco – for a general party the cheapest may be the best option, but for one of the biggest days of my life I would be willing to pay a little extra to ensure I had the best possible service and a fantastic night.

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