• Can we have a Discount ?

    Discounts and Promotions

    We all love to get a great deal and save a few ££, no matter what we are spending our hard earned money on – whether it be you weekly shopping, utility bills, car, holiday etc. This is something we seem to have built into us and from a marketing point of view, for most businesses it works well.

    For a Wedding DJ though it may be slightly different. Let’s imagine you see someone offering special rates, have you considered the following

    • What were their prices to begin with? Have they advertised their prices so you know their promotion really is discounted?
    • Why are they reducing their prices? Basically a Friday and Saturday are the 2 popular days for getting married – ie 104 dates per year. If a DJ is having to offer a reduced price, when already has low date availability, is there a catch?
    • If a Wedding DJs price can fluctuate for basically ‘the same service’ how do you know you really are getting the best deal
    • If they are a good DJ, why are they offering a discount? Especially if there is no need to.
    • Are they including a load of freebies to try and distract you from the fact it is a DJ you are looking for, perhaps they can’t sell themselves as a DJ for whatever reason.
    • Will you be getting their ‘best’ price? Will a better offer come along next month as they get more desperate to fill dates?
    • How would you feel if you got married, then found out the bride next week was paying a lot less than you for the same service?


    As a service provider (I keep saying investing in a service is a lot different to investing in a product) I personally believe that you cannot adjust your fees to suit – the price is the price. Products I can see how discounts work, but not when paying for a service.


    Can we have a discount off your wedding dj services?

    It is the same when people tell me they are very interested in my services but ask if I can give a discount – the answer I always give to this question is NO (although I do put it a little more politely haha). If I was to give one person a discount and could work for that amount, I personally would feel that it wasn’t a discount at all, but I would be charging everyone else too much.

    It is rumoured that many venues recommend brides to ask for a discount off suppliers to save them money – no doubt from watching too many wedding programmes on TV. I believe this rumour as, although I do not get asked for many discounts, those that do seem to be getting married at the same few venues.

    My answer to this would be – ask the venue for a 1% discount, this will be FAR greater than me offering say a 10% discount. Food for thought!


    I am fortunate enough to not have any need to offer discounts, my services are of such a high standard I am comfortable knowing that word of mouth and recommendations are enough to prevent me needing to cheapen myself, and many past couples seem to agree. I would rather provide continually high, professional standards, delivering a fantastic, fun night for your guests than reduce my costs – let’s face it, if your boss reduced your pay for the week would you still give 100% effort?

    My business is my income; my prices are very cheap for the service I provide – I have NEVER had anyone who has booked me say afterwards I was expensive. Offering a reduction in my fee, means a reduction in my income for that month – unfortunately this does not equate to a reduction in my mortgage and other bills.