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    Your Wedding Ceremony Music

    It is still quite a rarity to find a Wedding DJ playing music for your wedding ceremony – but think about it logically, why not ?

    A Wedding DJ has access or can source music, has the equipment to play the music and most importantly has the expertise in how to deliver that music with precise timings and in a way everyone can hear without it being too loud or too quiet.

    This blog is aimed more at people who choose not to have a church wedding. Many couples now are opting for venues where they can spend their whole day inside one venue, certainly makes logistics a lot easier. We have been hired many times to provide ceremony music in churches but on the whole it is other venues where this is more popular.

    Let’s start by looking at what you normally get.

    If you can imagine on the morning of your wedding you have to find the venue duty manager to hand him a copied cd (or a pile of cds) you have made with all your songs on and instructions as to what to play and when. The emphasis here must be on ‘copied cd’ – have you ever copied a cd to find it doesn’t work? a very common occurrence.

    You are then entrusting a Duty Manager (or perhaps bar staff, waiting staff) to then play the correct music. This is normally played out using a portable cd player which you can pick up cheap in a supermarket etc. (I do have to add at this point that many venues are learning from their mistakes and are installing professional sound systems so it is worth checking).

    Music is played whilst guests gather – the groom at the front will likely be unable to hear it unless the people at the back of the room are deafened.

    The bride is now ready, guests are ready and it is time to make her entrance into the ceremony room – just hang on a few minutes until the Duty Manager has found the right track (or correct cd), hang on a bit longer till it loads up, right off we go – no STOP ! You can’t enter the room yet because there is a long introduction so you have to wait outside until the correct moment. OK, now you can enter the room, the volume will be the same so a lot of the effect is lost but still you finally can enter the ceremony room to exchange vows.

    I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture – that is provided the cd doesn’t skip (yes we have seen it happen before).

    Let’s look at what WE can provide

    Our sound system is going to be larger than a little cd player, however we ensure we are out of sight as much as possible and blend into the surroundings (we always smile when a bride says after the ceremony “I didn’t actually see you, just heard the music”

    Everyone in the room waiting for the brides arrival (including the groom at the front of the room can hear the music clearly without it being loud). We actually suggest allowing the groom to choose this music as it does put them at ease.

    When your ready, everyone will be standing and you can enter straight away at the correct point in the song without waiting, the volume goes a little higher as you actually enter into the room just to help make your presence noticed.

    It isn’t just about the day itself though

    When you book us to provide ceremony music we can guide you as to what is required, how many songs and also help with specific timings. Also you don’t need to source songs, just let us know, we will ensure we have them and always check with you we have the correct versions etc.

    If you are stuck, just ask we can give suggestions and even let you listen to a few songs to help you make your mind up.

    A lot of venues embrace this service we provide and say it does make their job a lot easier as it is a very important part of your day and one which has to be correct the first time – you don’t get any second chances.