• Direct Debit & Other Payment Methods

    Budgeting for a wedding can be very tricky, and let’s face it we all have to budget for the big day.

    Quite often the price of everything can be a bit of a shock, but then the deposits are quite low so they become more tempting.

    Roll forward a few months, then the final invoices will start to land, testing your budgeting skills.

    To make things easier for you I do accept payments via direct debit so you can split what you are investing with me into smaller monthly payments.

    With all my bookings I ask for the final fee to be settled one month prior to your wedding so I can simply divide this up so you only have small monthly payment to make.

    Direct Debit payments are quite rare for Wedding Suppliers yet we pay for a lot of our everyday bills via this method.

    As with everything the choice is yours and to make things easier for you as well as direct debit I take many forms of payment including Cash, Credit/Debit Card, Cheque or Bank Transfer.

    On top of this I do not charge any interest no matter what payment method you decide to use!

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