• Does Your DJ Carry Spares

    Is your DJ REALLY carrying any backup equipment ?


    Something we are quite fanatical about is carrying enough backup equipment. No, we don’t carry a full second disco setup but enough to allow us to carry on should we have any equipment failure.


    This may sound like we do not trust our equipment, however this couldn’t be further from the truth. All our equipment is kept in a clean, tidy state and goes through Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) annualy. We also only use high quality DJ equipment.

    On top of this, we keep all our equipment either in padded bags or professional flightcases – in fact it often costs as much for the case to put something in than the piece of equipment itself.

    No, we just like to ensure that nothing will taint your celebrations. With electrical equipment no matter how good/expensive it is or how new it can fail – maybe even just a fuse.

    So, you will find most DJs will claim to be carrying backup equipment – but how do you REALLY know if they are ?

    Very difficult, but one quick way is to ask to see their PAT certificate (mentioned earlier). A PAT certificate will list all the items tested. If only say 30 items or less are tested I would look more closely – is their more than one mixer on there ? Are there numerous spare power leads ? More than one set of speakers ?


    Now, most DJs use high powered speakers and if one fails you can easily carry on a night using just the other one and few will carry spare speakers – however if the speaker fault happened the day before your wedding and the DJ has no spares, he will be relying on one sole speaker for the whole night. If that was to fail it really would be a silent disco.


    Our PAT certificate lists almost 200 items and we don’t really have huge stock levels

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