• How Much is a Wedding DJ / Disco

    How much is a wedding disco ?

    Normally the first question asked when searching for a DJ, ‘How Much are you?”, probably because booking a DJ is something people rarely do and don’t know what else to ask.

    Firstly, my wedding disco is FREE, you are paying for me, YOUR DJ. The disco comes along with me. To look at it another way, if you were asking a builder to build a wall you wouldn’t ask ‘How much is a cement mixer ?’, you pay for his skills and assume he has the correct tools to complete the job. Hiring a Wedding DJ is no different.

    I like to think of it as an investment though. Unlike say a photographer though I cannot give you anything physical to take away with you, but do create memories, realise dreams and most importantly give you and your guests a night to remember.

    I mentioned the photographer. A photographer can only take photos of what he has in front of him and this is where your DJ can help.

    Your first dance – we have all seen photographs of a Wedding First Dance where the brides lovely dress is covered in coloured dots or laser beams. Your photographer only has this view and, unless many hours on photoshop is used, cannot change that view. This is why I use a colourwash light to enhance the happy couple and give the photographer chance to take amazing photographs. Just one example !

     Your night – I have many YouTube videos showing a whole night and what I can bring to your wedding. From magnificent room enhancements, to a rousing applause as you enter your wedding breakfast, to coordinate (not in a military fashion though) your whole day or evening, to giving everyone a fantastic party at night what I do creates memories and gives your guests something to talk about for years

     Your Wedding DJ (with exception of maybe your photographer) will be the person you will spend the most time with on your wedding day, so it is important to ensure they can provide the level of service you deserve. Investing in a good Wedding DJ will make your whole wedding day more special than you could have dreamed about.

    There are the usual things often mentioned by DJs – reliable, insured, equipment tested, good equipment, plenty of songs etc, I tick all these boxes but really is something you should just assume I have – a bit like the builder with his cement mixer.

    I spend many hours and days travelling the country learning even more about what makes a great wedding disco. Maybe sounds geeky but if I compare myself to when I started the transformation is unbelievable and I day say in a few years time I will have changed the way I provide my service again – you can never stop learning. It amazes me though how few DJs actually attend such events, hence why I have to travel the country.

    My investment fees are available on request and do truly represent excellent value for what you receive. I know this is unusual as often your need to supply an endless list of details before finally receiving a quote from a DJ, but I suppose it is because I am so flexible I can publish my prices – I don’t charge extra simply because there are stairs (helps with my diet too lol), I don’t charge extra to travel, within reason, because I am a MOBILE wedding DJ, I don’t base my prices on your venue or other costs at your wedding.

    So whilst ‘HOW MUCH’ will undoubtedly be your first question, do not just get prices and think ‘they are so much cheaper’, look at to what you are investing your money into.

    Remember – By hiring a wedding DJ you are hiring a SERVICE not a PRODUCT, a service requires skills and knowledge, a product is a physical item !