• Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

    Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies Sorted !

    We never mention the equipment we use much, however we are super excited about our latest purchase.

    It may not look much, but will really allow us to be able to provide MORE during your day and also easily prepare should things change last minute.

    We have invested in the latest Bose Professional Speaker (not to be confused with their home speakers) which is small, portable, can even be ran from a battery BUT produces the excellent Bose Sound which they have an enviable reputation for.

    What this means for you ?

    The main focus on this is that a lot of couples are now looking to hold their wedding ceremony outside. It sounds magical having all your family and friends gathered in the sunshine to see you both exchange your vows.

    BUT – silence is not always golden and music can really help with the atmosphere, not forgetting the memories those songs will hold for a lifetime, so you need music through a nice sound system that everyone can hear, but also not be too loud. No problem.

    We don’t like to highlight this, but also the British Weather can suddenly take a turn for the worse – it is not uncommon for an outdoor wedding ceremony to turn into an indoor ceremony with only minutes to spare.

    As our speaker system is so portable it can be moved to any location within seconds, YES we really do mean seconds. So any last minute changes are no problem.

    Throughout the day too, it isn’t uncommon for reception drinks etc to change location last minute – again no problem at we can be totally portable.

    ***All this without losing any of the quality you deserve ***

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