Social Distance Weddings

Social Distance Weddings during the Covid-19 Pandemic

We are as proactive as ever and have a fantastic Social Distance Friendly Package which can easily be adapted to current restrictions due to Covid-19.

Below is a little guide as to what we can provide, but as mentioned this is subject to latest guidance and we will be quick to react where necessary.

So, what can we provide ?

Music – (obvious one really)

Background music is permissible, but rather than listen to a cd played on a cheap hifi system, why not utilise our online account to create that perfect playlist and allow us to mix this and listen through our high end speaker system ? Still at background levels of course.

Casual Master of Ceremonies

As mentioned weddings at the moment are a little different. Having someone there to help inform and guide people take the stress away and provides your guests with information about what they can look forward too.

Mr & Mrs

A fun game not too dissimilar to the TV show you may have seen. Social Distancing is still observed as you, the bride and groom, are exempt from distancing yourself from each other – fortunately haha


Everyone loves a game of bingo and will certainly keep Grandma happy.

Music Bingo

A bit of a twist to the usual bingo game in that instead of calling out numbers, we play music and you mark off the songs played on your bingo card


From a traditional quiz to maybe a bespoke quiz about you, or even your guests, the possibilities are endless. For the techy parties, we can even supply a quiz which people answer using their mobile phones instead of pen and paper.


Even through the day this can help subtly set the mood and ambience of your room.


The social distance friendly Photobooth. Guests take photos using their own mobile phones and upload to a big screen (which itself looks like a phone) for all too see. You get to take these treasured photographs with you afterwards. It is so good and demand is so high our FunFotoz screen even has its own website –

We have various other products we have picked up along the way including Starcloths, Aisle Carpet, Postbox etc and also network with many other great wedding suppliers – if you are after something we don’t provide we will know someone who does !

Also, if you have your own ideas don’t be afraid to tell us, we can probably help.

Our Price starts at only £295 for up to 5 hours, providing unbeatable value for money.

Give us a ring on 0191 646 0688 or complete our online form

Of course, if restrictions are eased, you can easily change your plans !

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