• What Sort of Coffee is Your DJ ?

    The DJ industry is very similar to the coffee industry !

    Sound strange, well bear with me, however this might be just another one of my hair brained analogies.

    Years ago, if you went into a tea room for a cup of coffee – that’s what you got. Normally a spoonful of instant coffee, bit of milk to help yourself to and a lump of sugar if desired. Wherever you went, you got similar and the prices were similar too. Don’t get me wrong, instant coffee can be very nice, does the job and you know what you are getting.

    Nowadays, you go for a coffee and the choice is staggering. You want milk in your coffee, you order a coffee made with milk, there are various guises for how this milk is added, there are various flavours and types of coffee to choose from. Once you have chosen your desired coffee you now have additional extras of flavoured syrups etc which you can add into your chosen coffee.

    People also have preferences – the coffee in one outlet often tastes different to a different outlet, the optional extras vary from outlet to outlet as do the prices.

    People still drink instant coffee, as mentioned it does what you want and that is produce a cup of coffee, however for special occasions or drinking out, the fashion is to go for the nicer quality coffee available.

    How does this relate to DJs ?

    Well years ago a DJ would be booked, turn up and play music (which normally didn’t change too much). He done the job that was required, and pricing was very similar between DJs – a bit like instant coffee.

    We still have the ‘instant coffee’ DJs who have always produced ‘instant coffee’, always done the job of ‘instant coffee’ and have been around for a lot of years – as I said before, nothing wrong with instant coffee for everyday use.

    Now though, we have a wide choice of the style of DJ – a bit like in the modern day coffee shops. They are worth the price, are individual and have additional extras to make your night perfect (similar to adding a syrup to your coffee). This style of DJ, like modern coffees, is someone you would book when you want something that is different to the norm and not an everyday occasion.

    Maybe I’m going crazy but I like this analogy !

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