• The DJ Setup or Rig

    The DJ setup (or rig as it is called in the industry)

    Firstly we hate the word ‘rig’ as to us it means something huge and towering, we prefer to call it our setup.

    When you are enquiring with DJs about your wedding no doubt for a lot their setup is their main selling point, maybe highlighting the latest lighting effect or ‘banging sound system’ they have.


    True Wedding Professionals

    For us, we approach this a little differently. As we are Wedding Professionals we have gained a lot of knowledge and experience about Weddings – which are totally different to general parties and pub discos etc.


    The Look

    We appreciate that a lot of money will be spent on your wedding and no doubt you will have spent a lot of time researching to find that perfect venue which will look stunning. You will therefore no doubt want a DJ setup to match ?



    There is also the setup time factor. A lot of weddings do overrun and quite often there is little time allowed to setup. If we were to use a larger setup this would take a long time, however (although we ask for an hour) we can setup very quickly – under 15 minutes a few days ago which saved the evening reception being a disaster as things had over ran so much during the day.



    We never run out and buy the latest ‘DJ Gadget’ or ‘Must Have’. Instead we wait until it has been tried and tested. This has actually saved is £1000’s as quite often a product, say a lighting fixture, looks great on video, promises the earth, but in reality may be a little disappointing or even not very reliable


    The Photos

    After all the celebrations it is the photos and videos you will look back on for years to come. When purchasing lighting fixtures in particular, we always ask for advise from photographers and videographers who help us greatly in choosing our lighting. We had some fantastic lights which looked great, had loads of fancy shapes etc, but spoilt photographs – not just the professional photographers but those taken by guests using their phones etc. A lesson learnt.



    Yes, you want your lights, but not dazzling. It is actually a bigger challenge than you might imagine this one as we like to have lights that fill the area, but do not want people to have to shield their eyes while looking in our direction. We are glad to say we have managed this though.


    The Sound

    A great sound is what makes a disco (in our opinion) however this doesn’t mean bringing the loudest system possible. We normally use what we call ‘stick’ systems as the speakers are very slim and look superb. This doesn’t deteriorate from the sound quality at all though. The look of the speakers is as important as the sound – if old Aunt Mary walked in and saw a huge speaker system it would be safe to say she would quickly be thinking of excuses as to why she had to leave early. Our systems look fantastic, but (we know this sound silly) they also look as though they aren’t too loud. We never play loud, but believe us our systems can go very loud if needed, whilst also having that fantastic appearance.


    Health and Safety

    Always at the forefront of our mind. We always use professional equipment which is designed for the job. All wires are either taped down or kept from harms way and anything mounted at a height is done so using professional grade clamps.

    To go back to the timings, this can take a little time to do so we have designed our setup so that there are a minimum of loose wires etc which will need taping down.


    The Size

    Working in many different venues we realise that ‘One size fits all’ will just not work. We have seen some stunning DJ setup, however often wonder how they would cope in a more intimate venue. Sometimes our setup area can be very small, other times huge.

    To combat this, we work on the principle of start small, make bigger. Our small setup has a very small footprint, however, we can add to this very quickly to produce a larger footprint if needed. Starting off big and trying to make it smaller just won’t work and is something always worth checking with your DJ.

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