Langley Castle

Gorgeous Medieval Castle

Langley Castle Hotel, Langley, Hexham NE47 5LU

Langley Castle is truly a marvellous venue. As soon as you turn off the main road and see the castle towering above you feel that sense of grandeur. The rooms within the castle are very spacious and exclusive use of the castle ensures you and your guests will not be disturbed.
For your wedding disco you could not ask for a nicer room. We have a lot of brides who love to have the room uplit in red giving it a medieval feel to it. Our slideshow services are popular here, however my all day music and MC services really come into their own as gathering guests together can often be quite a task with the many rooms available within the hotel.

We are never negative, but do always recommend when booking a wedding DJ for Langley Castle you ensure they are aware of the arrangements and facilities available for loading and unloading equipment. To put it mildly the loading is very challenging. As we have provided Wedding Disco and DJ services many times at Langley Castle, we re very aware of this and have devised an exclusive set-up for use there to ensure there are no problems whatsoever.

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