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    We Don’t Know

    “We don’t know anything about entertainment or what we need”

    Something we often get told when people are enquiring about their wedding disco. We completely understand as although we have entertained at 100’s of weddings, most people will only need to book any form of entertainment a few times in their life and likely non as important as for their wedding day.

    What we do to combat this is to try and keep things as simple as possible. Everything we do has in mind that people need guidance but also do not want any hassle or confusion that can sometimes occur when planning your big day.

    Obviously we do a lot of market research and have found many companies do try to confuse people somewhat – either by complicated packages, services which may not be suitable or trying to offload a lot of other services they offer which you may not need.

    So, we have made it simple for you to choose what you want us to provide, next we make the booking process really simple too – we send an invoice for your deposit which can be paid using any debit/credit card (and we do not charge extra for this). Once the deposit is received you then start your planning.

    Planning your disco with us is so simple too – we use an online account which you access and you plan your wedding whenever, and wherever, you want. That is right we won’t suddenly hit you with a load of questions and requesting those much loved songs is a breeze.

    Now, some people like to plan every meticulous detail whereas others like to just leave it up to us. Either scenario is absolutely fine and we can deal with either easily.

    Still stuck? All you have to do is contact us. Again our communication methods are set up to suit your busy lifestyle – drop us an email, message through your online account, give us a ring or if you prefer arrange a time for us to ring you. If preferable we will even pop out for a chat face to face.

    Although we know we provide a great service, one which is envied by many, we do not stop there. One of the most important aspects of our business is your feedback after the event. It is always lovely to receive messages about how great the evening was, but more important for us is hearing how you think we can improve further. No matter how minor the detail we love to hear from you and strive to improve constantly.

    This is what makes us one of the leading wedding disco companies in the North East of England, and in fact the country.