• Wedding DJ Near Me

    Wedding DJ Near Me

    The most used wedding term when people are looking for a wedding DJ is either ‘DJ Near Me’ or ‘Wedding DJ Near Me’

    Now, we think everyone looking for any sort of service will always search for someone in close proximity. However with a Wedding DJ (or in fact any Wedding Professional) this may not be the best search term to use.

    Most wedding professionals, especially DJs do travel, in fact if we have a booking less than 60 miles away we class it as local.

    We have in fact just searched for the term ‘Wedding DJ near me’ and (although we are obviously there) most of the other listings were from large agencies etc who have a very large seo investment but are not in fact ‘near me’ nor are they Professional Wedding DJs.

    A better search term would be to search for your venue – ie ‘wedding DJ your venue’ – or even the area – ie ‘wedding DJ Northumberland’, or even broader, ‘wedding DJ North East’.

    This will bring results from true Wedding Professionals (although you will still get larger national listings in there).

    So, how do you find a DJ who is fairly local, but covers your area ? Simple, give them a ring or drop them an email and ask what they know about your venue ! Maybe they will have photos or testimonials about your venue. Ask them questions about your venue.

    HOWEVER – don’t be put off if they haven’t worked in your venue before, so long as they know the location and will make themselves familiar with the venue it shouldn’t be a problem.