• Wedding DJ v General DJ

    On the face of it, not many people will realise there is a difference between a DJ who supplies services for all occasions and a professional Wedding DJ – in fact I had been operating as a DJ for 3 years before the penny dropped with myself.

    So, what is the difference?

    Both will supply sound and light, they will play music, they will entertain your guests so overall there probably is very little difference. In fact, there is little difference, but these minor things can make a world of difference to your Wedding Day.

    I class myself as a Wedding DJ because 95% (or more) of what I do is weddings. My mind-set thus is weddings and my whole ethos is based upon weddings.

    As mentioned the differences are minor to anyone booking, but to a DJ SHOULD be quite noticeable.

    Equipment used

    Beamish Hall Monboucher

    I never talk about equipment much, however when purchasing equipment, the fact it is used for weddings is at the forefront of my mind. I have a huge speaker system and a massive lighting stand, with many various lights – how would this look in your lovely dressed room or in a small mansion house? I keep all my equipment in keeping and the visual appearance I feel is very important. I use more than enough sound and lights that are needed but they don’t appear to look huge or out of place – my speaker system as one example is very neat and compact, yet produces a fantastic sound if needed.

    One reason many do not think about appearance is the cost – it is actually cheaper (and easier) for me to go out with the huge speakers and loads of cheap lights, however for weddings YOU deserve the best quality.

    Another reason is it actually takes time and preparation to ensure the setup looks great. I can set up my big lights and speakers far quicker than my wedding setup, which even I was surprised at. I often set things up in my storage unit to make sure I have no wires dangling and everything is covered as much as possible, believe me this takes a lot of time.

    I also look after my equipment. Something which seems common sense as it will last longer, but packing away at 1am or later it is often tempting to throw everything in the back of the van – which many DJs do. Not only does this effect the longevity of equipment but also how it looks, would you prefer bashed scratched lights which only half work, or ones which still look like new? Often when I purchase new equipment I spend as much again on cases to store them to ensure it always looks pristine.


    Me in Action

    I often mention that you are not booking ‘a disco’ you are booking a DJ (me) and the disco comes free.

    How your DJ dresses may seem a bit trivial, but how would you feel if your DJ turned up in a t-shirt, tatty jeans and trainers? Likewise, I may stick out like a sore thumb if I turned up at say a 21st Birthday wearing my suit and tie. Little things like this make those little differences add up.

    Training is something that if a strange word to a lot of DJs. Within the wedding industry trends change rapidly so it is important to keep up, many new services are realised and I have to say the expectations of couples change. I constantly ensure I keep on top by attending many networking and training events – not always directly connected to the DJ industry – to ensure my services never go stale and keep everything current.

    I also have researched a lot into why certain formalities take place which help me to present and deliver these moments. For example, do you know why you have a wedding cake? Why do you carry flowers? Why there is a first dance? – Just ask me and I can tell you.

    It might cost more when you mention the word ‘Wedding’

    I will not deny that. I know of many DJs who hike their prices purely because it is a wedding, with some even charging based on the cost of the venue you are using.

    I never do this. My prices are the same whether it be a wedding, anniversary, birthday etc. In fact, my weddings are probably more value for money as often more work when planning is involved.

    He says he is a wedding DJ so must be good at weddings

    Word of warning here – as mentioned many DJs think of weddings as a money making racket. A new trend is to simply use their own name and add Wedding DJ at the end to make them sound something special. Most trip themselves up though, by pretending to be a dedicated Wedding DJ but then advertise (or post on social media) that they will DJ for any occasion, or you will only see photos or Kids Parties etc.

    Now I always admit I do not 100% just DJ at weddings, however if you look at my Facebook page as one example, you will see that it is mainly weddings. I do NOT do kids parties, apart from being chalk and cheese I could not do a Kids Party in the afternoon, then a wedding at night, and other Discos I do are few and far between with nearly all of them actually coming as recommendations from Weddings I have been hired at.

    Overall though a Wedding is a special once in a lifetime celebration, which demands the very best service from all your suppliers.

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