• Premier Wedding DJ

    Why choose an Expert


    During the summer, as well as getting a new website made we also had a new logo made. We liked our previous logo but thought we would get an expert to design us a new one.

    The results – to be totally honest we were not overwhelmed initially when we saw the design. However we put that to the back of our minds as we had an expert to design and guide us.

    We don’t like over analysing things too much but have noticed the logo is becoming very recognisable and more people are associating us with being a ‘Wedding DJ’ and not just a ‘DJ’. Of course Weddings are our expert field.

    Although most DJs will claim to be able to do weddings, very few are an expert at weddings which is where we shine.

    As mentioned when we first saw the logo (which did cost a lot of money) we were underwhelmed, BUT by going with the experts we realise they knew what they were talking about and had far superior knowledge to ourselves.

    We have highlighted the word expert a lot for a reason – we had an old logo which was designed for us but having an expert design and produce a logo has been so much more beneficial for ourselves.

    A similar scenario exists when you are booking a Wedding DJ – you can book ourselves (experts) or general Wedding DJs who will do a good enough job but don’t have that little extra you get with experts.