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Whilst most of our Wedding DJ bookings come from Northumberland and County Durham, we do travel further afield to provide our Wedding Disco services. We are truly a Mobile Wedding DJ.

When booking a Wedding Disco & DJ most people think solely about the music that they would like played, however it is how (and when) this music is played that can make all the difference. We are sure you have all been to discos where the DJ plays background music (which nobody takes note of) until the buffet, spend an hour after the buffet trying to find the music people like with over 25,000 tracks in our collection this could take some time then when they finally discover the music that works, slow things down because the night is almost over. We have had people coming up to me within half an hour to say how great the music is, even though nobody may have danced yet. In fact we set ourselves little ‘challenges’ to ensure we are constantly keeping at the top of our game.

Happy couple taking their first dance in front of their families and friends.


Making your day

as stress-free as possible

We also emphasise key moments (or spotlight moment as it is often known as) to ensure your guests take away some great memories of your wedding reception. One example is the first dance we won’t let you stand there like a couple of lemons to shuffle awkwardly through your first dance if you are not proficient dancers. Instead we will gather your family and friends around to welcome you onto the dance floor with a rousing applause and once the obligatory photos are taken will invite them onto the dance floor to join you we do have a few ‘secret’ methods to ensure they do join in.

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Mr and Mrs
3 brides playing Mr and Mrs game, holding blue paddles

We also remember it is supposed to be fun, but never enforce anything on you. One great fun moment which we receive brilliant feedback for is a quick game of Mr & Mrs. This is something we only do at around 60% of weddings as understand it is not for everyone and ensure nothing embarrassing is included. We were unsure when we started doing this, but the feedback has been overwhelming.

And most importantly…

the music

So onto what you will be most concerned with, the music. We have a large collection of music which spans from the 1920’s until modern day and is kept updated. We never forget it is YOUR WEDDING and we are one of only a few DJ Companies who are totally flexible with regards to the input you wish to give. We have had strict playlists to follow through to people who say ‘anything, as long as people enjoy themselves’. Either scenario, or anything in-between is fine. To ensure we always ‘get it right’ every couple that books us gets their own personalised online account . This is the fun bit where you can tell us all the fantastic details about your wedding and also choose (and listen too if you like) those all important song choices.
For a demo of the Online Account please contact us and we will send login information over for a demo account you can have a play around with – it really is great.

It is very hard for us to describe what will happen at your wedding evening reception as every disco is different, one thing we will GUARANTEE though is that we have never yet had anyone say their disco was disappointing or didn’t represent value for money.

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